Sunday, February 21, 2010

color of lust

i am listening. to the sound
of thought
that hits the truth of feeling
that frees the fear that’s fleeting.
i witness disregard
in your eyes
i lift my voice to the heat in your limbs
i lay between the fire
of regret
and fervor
of need and disinterest
of life
and of love
and the color of lust.

Friday, June 26, 2009

believe it.

when you wrap faith in fear. wordless. explosion. endless fascination. with regret. with mourning. with the joy that only expression can bring. in knowing. all of these things. are within our grasp. are not sewn onto our skin. but bathing us. in delight. in experience. in the present moment and past phases of perspective. i am owning all of this. i am pretending. no more.


prayers. weighted fingers. display warmth. energetic opposition. sitting within. voices. raised in unwilling support. where your fears meet my face and the wait is over. there is love in all of this. there is no more despair. there is no more time to waste. because. after all. after all this. we are still. a moment. not past. not gone.

Thursday, April 9, 2009

death is ready

i am soft skin exposing breath. i am soft hair resembling breath. i am grasping. at meaning. shooting my mouth in your direction. aching thought. regret a passing line. distance ever present. truth ready red blinking light. desire not in dire need of release but most certainly needing faith. for your mouth. a close second. in this race. has discovered the meaning. of water waiting steady. of death that brings me all that is ready.


i want to know where the storms go. when despondency sets in. when after effects quit rolling in. when my skin, which resembles your face...begins again. what wounds have found homes in this? what words have sunk in? what regret has found meaning in death. i walk in soft sequence. i laugh in afterthought. i give again and again and again. of myself. where within. you were once.

Friday, January 2, 2009


renewal. rebirth. reception. where fingers no longer trail. and enemies of the mind no longer linger. here in the foreground. without regret. insipid reminder of all that remains. when one falls into oblivion. is healed by love. and engendered into spirit through faith. bring this home. all ways. again. and again. and again. welcome 2009.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

we're not in kansas anymore. or san francisco for that matter.

hello glorious world! i just voted. didn't know sucha thing would wierd me out. the voting booth was pretty much a teleport replica? i dunno bout the rest of the country...but i've only voted in san francisco and there we do it scantron style. pen and paper. oh yes. oh yes we do. we also have things called propositions. loads and loads of them. voting takes a while. and we all stand next to each other with lil black plastic partitions and vote. and when we're done we are rewarded with little oval stickers that proclaim 'i voted' and we walk around the city all day being proud of ourselves and our leaps into democracy.

today i walked into a junior high gymnasium. showed my voter card. went into aforementioned teleport replica and had to move a large red lever from left to right. then i had approximately 5 or so offices to vote for. that's it?! no booklets of literature to mull over? not arm and arm with strangers as we vote together? i mean, i knew this is how it would go down. there's been no propoganda on the streets and no 'vote yes on x/y/z' on the streets. i knew that the only thing anyone in nyc would care about today is this: vote for president. more specifically. barak the vote.

my choice was easy. i clicked my lil gunmetal grey buttons and saw the X next to Barak Obama's name. I voted for a few other candidates for senate and judge. and then i moved the enormous (yes, resembling something in a fun park) lever back to the left which then cleared my x's (i mean, counted my vote) and i was out. the whole thing took approximately 7 minutes. no sticker. no high-five's. well...i did call navani the second i got out to confirm that this indeed is how voting has always been in nyc. that was a good enough hi-five for me...and that was that. off to starbucks. yes i just said starbucks. they are giving out free coffee today. what the? yes my heart has just warmed to starbucks. but just a lil but. so everybody just calm down. san francisco i miss you. everyone there who is voting today, wear your stickers proud.

i'm not all nerves today. i know that the choices and the changes that are on approach have long been coming. this is speaking worldly, nationally and personally. i am one who adores change. pursues it. chases it. asks for it and snuggles with it. i know today we will receive it. however that may be. but it's coming. heck it's here. now if you'll excuse me. i must be off to obsess over electoral votes and decide where i'll be watching election night coverage with the gang tonight. watch out world. here we go.


a side note:
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