Friday, October 22, 2004




last night


god in the shape of a woman

who rocks and rocks and rocks

that was one of the best performances i have ever seen by anyone

it's rare to want to cry at a show just from the sheer power of the person on the stage!

she even played taut my favorite crazed obsession film noir song. it takes quite a band to play that song...shit one song they even had two drummers going and i thought the sound from the bass drums was going to crush me!

i needed that so much

and even the songs from her new album which i wasn't so exctied about...seeing them live...her...all power and red dress and 4 inch electric blue heels well damn it was hard not to fall in love

a true artist. she sets herself apart by truely delving into the subjects she is writing about and gauging the human psyche... the songs aren't just personal reflections or emotional outlets...they are characters and personalities and behavior animated

okay i'm alright


i'll be fine

until i see her again tonight...




Friday, October 15, 2004

deep breath big stretch

yo. i'm house-sitting for john while he's on his honeymoon (the wedding was SOOOO beautiful...) i don't have access on my ibook so i'm not planning on being online much till november

i've just been reading and sleeping and drinking espresso. it's rough...yesterday i did do some painting - eric was out from nyc and we redid his old room (long story). that was actually quite fun! still training to bartend, back for another round tonight...

so much is changing and happening there will have to be one big gigantic update next month. it's going to be insane. i love it!

i definatley miss new york

inspiration is on the rise

and love is creeping towards me

everything is perfect



Tuesday, October 5, 2004

october 5th

greg hardwick -

we still miss you down here.

there's not enough rock or laughter.

Monday, October 4, 2004


there is soooo much to report

explainations as to why i have over 20 new bruises, teeth marks on the back of my shoulder and a missing toenail

for now let's deal in the short story so i can go to sleep. hopefully after one more day i'llbe recovered and able to do something.

today i had hopes until i ran into joey who i haven't seen in close to 3 years and every time i tried to leave the pizza place he filled up my beer glass so it was impossible to leave. i love reunions :)

pictures of the casualties and craziness from the weekend soon...(hot snakes! dan, sarah, edinburgh, love parade... cute/drunk irish boys named patrick)

and oh yeah

most recently -

catching up with john tonight at the bar down the street...trying to grabbed and kissed by the resident drunk girl. that was...ah...not so fun. i am only okay initiating that not being bombarded with it. ha. never a dull moment these days


nighty night.

love love

kiss kiss