Sunday, February 27, 2005

the art of...?

yeah i know...i've been a slacker
get over it
last weekend i was in new york
it feels like it's been a month already...
i only got to see keith for a few hours - he is a dear sweet creature and i'm anticipating the days when i'll see him again, this time for days at a time oh my! :)

i got to catch up with eric and jessica in nyc:

i love both of these people so much. it warms my heart to know they are alive and romping through the streets...
even if they are freaks...and just finally met each other!!!

gotta love the shisk and monkey talk
i think i mentioned monkey in baby talk and that resulted in being attacked...ha. if cloning were an option...

the contrast of eric's shoes and my favorite subject, graffittee....awe yeah

this picture is totally pointless except that eric appears normal and like a sane man and i'm proud i captured that side of him...

i do miss the LES...

overall...the trip was too short and felt a bit spastic. i saw the gates which were pretty and all but seemed like 21 millions dollars coulda been spent on something else...i'm also not a fan of big crowds walking around like cows so that might have added to my annoyance
in any case
here you go

oh and if you haven't seen me in the last week or so...i now look like this:

that's me on the deck of the radest hotel i've ever SEEN
it's all glass and has wicked views of the manhattan and japanese soak tubs in the bathroom in addition to heated tile floors
mmmmmhmmmm. i'll be staying there again you know it

aubrey was out visiting her brother and it's always a trip to see her. we've known each other since junior high and still act like freaks when we get together it so fun. all wannabe prom queen jokes aside...we had a good time :) haha

i saw amman all too briefly as well
but we drank we ate sal's and all was well
even in the dark and in the cold. we look like freaks here but there you go
what's new?

let me recap january for ya:

january brought the fhlbsf company party
if you want to see more than just my shoes you can check out the full web gallery... it's mostly me, kirby, and adolfo but what else do you need???


been hanging out with some people from work as well
i swear we're normal

heck i was even so adventurous one night to go to a bar where i knew sports would be on! and people would be watching!
but that's what happens when you move in with a freind and he happens to be into that shite...
we still had fun
dog and all!

i befriended my sisters friend holly and have been running amok with her. we spent today in north beach...but this cute pic is from a few weeks back:

okay lovelies
that's all for now
more to come soon

oh i'm playing in san francisco on march 15th at club deluxe so should you be around stop by around 830 and say hi
thank god 'if you see her say hello' just came on. sometimes dylan is just what one needs
thank you!


love! love! love!

Sunday, January 23, 2005


i have lots of pictures to share

more so than stories

the faces and sunlight tell much more than my silly little antedotes

i snuck off to new york city last was a treasure. filled with snow and friends and even a bit of heart has been warmed and sends its thanks

interpret at will:

bye bye sf:

hello 207th ny...

you all know i love graffitti....

i found various ' you' tags in this hand throughout the city...lovely i tell you

this one is almost as cool, but made cuter by the boy in the right hand corner...don't you think?

walking around and around new parts of nyc, or any city for that matter has got to be one of my favorite things to brings even more smiles in good company. slow dancing in grand central station ain't so bad either...mmmhmmmm

good times...

as tradition would have it, a night out with amman was in order...

amman, like me, loves ze garlic knots at sal's YUMMY

we also discovered the chocolate martini's at simone's are THE BEST!!! so are the curtains and overall decor of that beautiful bar on the corner of st, marks at 1st...uh huh....

it did snow, but only the last night...and it was a welcomed charm, full of smiles and grace

dear god was it cold though...and the late night coupled with weird weather brought about very strange photos indeed:

the cloisters were a beautiful sight though by that point jess and i were so cold i didn't really freaking care!!!

okay i'm sure that's enough for now...

getting restless, time to step away from the computer.

happy living!



Monday, January 3, 2005

love is ecstacy

that lovely title is from my yogi tea bag

this evening/early morning i'm packing.

there is much to report and share and i'll begin by saying that new york city truly is home. it holds so much space and energy and red lights burning.

the vibration of the past week is still with me.

it was cold here compared to the 70-80 degrees it's been in california these past few months and i welcomed it. the chill feels good on my bones

kimio was here and truly a blessing. that man holds such a wonderful space that it is easy to breathe, relax and let the cycles of doubt and interference ease from my body. i miss him already and hope to catch up with him back in CA

not only is he as silly as me (see jameson photo below...) he is just a beautiful person:

i was planning to go to amman's hotel party on new year's and be wild and obnoxious but kimio invited us to this body temple party and i couldn't pass up a night of dancing and goodness - it was long overdue and really nice to ring in the new year without whiskweee (did i just say that?!)...

we trekked to brooklyn oh yes indeed and even on that side of new york i still managed to snap pics on the way to the partay...look! look!

i left camera and phone most of the night, totally unnecessary to capture any of that energy, it's still in me. you'll just have to imagine costumes and wild sweaty dancing...come on you can do it!

once we left the party i was back in action, of course...

the subway became a playground (gratuitous pic, just cause it makes me laugh)

and we stumbled back to 'the city' for our first meal together

blessings all around. thank you all for sharing in such a beautiful night. wooot.


today i had to face my storage bin. since i was planning on moving somewhere, anywhere before needed my things i taped up the boxes ready for war. but alas i am still homeless (though not without roots) and needed to find an envelope full of receipts so i can get my lovely sister to do my taxes for me (awe thanks shannon! you LUV me!)

decided it wouldn't hurt to grab some extra clothes and my favorite furry jacket too...there was a ton of shite and jessica was a goddess for coming with me.

we got a little wild pulling out all my stuff. i think i was even possessed for a moment...

duuuuuuuuuuuuuuuude. i miss my a LOT...warm cozy yum yum yummy down comforter and pillows...mmmmm....warmth.....

at least i got to touch it for a minute... :)

not to leave you outta the loop, here is a photo keeping in the vein of my latest craze (note the glorious view my belongings have! woot!)

and last but not least, after trying super hard not to get lost, finding a cemetery (yippee) and lots of great lights in chinatown...i decided all i really needed was a picture of a persimmon. if you have been lucky enough to be called some term of endearment by me involving a persimmon, you know how special you felt and why i was inclined to shoot this


and know that you are loved

well kids. it IS 3am and i AM slightly delirious. i forget that i'm supposed to sleep. i don't like it unless it's involving undeniably yummy warmth. in any case. tomorrow it's true. i head back to most of you reading this. get ready. big hugs on the way. all kindsa goodness my lovelies. life. love. happiness. and all those shadows of light.



Sunday, January 2, 2005


when i can't sleep and find a computer in the room i write

so here i am


once again i am so behind in posting and pictures you have probably given up on that BUT just then i suprise you with this

my favorite pic from the new year celebrations last night

here you've got manhattan, the subway from brooklyn, my camera and keith.

it's perfect. smiles should be contagious...go on...give me one...

the night was insanely beautiful. and i didn't drink! (unless you count the coconut wahaha....) i danced and danced until i fell over and curled up with the sweetest of loveness till the weeee hours of the morning. after a 7am breakfast (seems to be my ny tradition!) i finally went to sleep at 930am then proceeded to run amok again at 2pm. woooooooooooooot.

i must say today has been a magical today.

begining the new year right, with beautiful friends and sweet love, tears of joy, dancing, sharing, laughing so much, running through the streets, taking too many pictures, playing guitar, watching movies, shopping, finding jeans long enough for my giraffee legs, getting my black onyx...

is there anything else to want? ... it's already on it's way. i know.

i just have to keep breathing...